Living just around the corner from the site of Willow Grove Park, I’ve wanted to share the story of the park for a long time. We have a chance, with the community’s help, to bring the park back to life one more time.”
— Ryan Ritchey

About The Filmmaker

Ryan Ritchey, a Glenside PA resident, made his first movie with a home videocamera in 7th grade. He was instantly hooked. Many years later, Ritchey created innovative web shows, including "Top Shelf" for Revver, and the independent film series, "The Flux."  He also created and hosted three shows on

Ritchey produced and directed his first documentary, “After The Fair” a compelling look at the 1964-65 New York World’s Fair's influence on pop culture, technology, and cultural understanding. The film was released in September 2014 to a glowing reception.

The goal with "More Than A Lark" is to bring a cherished and treasured landmark back to life through the stories, photos, and films of the park.