About Willow Grove Park

Founded in 1896, Willow Grove Park was initially a green oasis, positioned at the end of the People's Traction Company trolley line, intended to encourage weekend trolley travel. Thousands would take the trolley, many starting in Philadelphia, and embarking on an hourlong ride just to get to the park. 

Over time, the green oasis became a different kind of park as thrill rides and roller coasters brought people an experience that could only be found in Willow Grove Park. There were other trolley parks in the region, but Willow Grove quickly became the marquee park in the region.

Long after the trolleys vanished, Willow Grove Park continued to entertain thousands, adapting to the new generation of park visitors arriving by car. 

But it couldn't last forever. In 1975, the park closed for the last time. Despite re-theming as "Six Gun Territory" in 1972, the park couldn't keep up with other, newer parks.

Today, the Willow Grove Park Mall stands where the park entertained and thrilled for 80 years.